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Hipster Burglar Hits Global Film Initiative



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    The Global Film Initiative was robbed Sunday night.

    The Global Film Initiative on Ninth Street, was robbed of several computers, Sunday night by a guy who didn't seem to mind being filmed.

    The fact that this thief is appears totally oblivious to the security cams picking up every action of his break-in, makes one wonder if it's actually part of a film.

    Santhosh Daniel, director of the non-profit cinema organization told the Uptown Almanac,

    "[The thief] entered the building around 12:00 am, went into our office, packed up all the computers, and left with a first load.  And then, came back a few hours later to finish the job.  The second time he came back, he returned with a different outfit and another set of tools--and tried to dismantle the elevator control panel, so he could gain access to the second floor of the building.  Total duration of the burglary was about 5 hours. 

    The guy knew what he was doing.  He didn't have a key, but used a homemade tool to open the door in a manner that would not reflect a forced entry, and not draw attention.  We did cut that part out [of the video], because many of the buildings in SOMA have similar doors, and we didn't want to give anyone tips on how to break into other buildings.  Our loss was close to $15K, and with the damage to the elevator, the overall loss from the burglary is about $20K. "

    Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact SFPD at (415) 553-1651 or email GFI at gfi-info@globalfilm.org.




    GFI Burglary Suspect -- Sunday, May 8, 2011 -- 12:00am-5:00am from The Global Film Initiative on Vimeo.