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Golden Retrievers Looking for New Homes



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    A needy group of adorable golden retrievers will soon be looking for a better life.  The one they just left sounds down right awful.

    A group of 16 retrievers, who appear to be pure breads, were rescued from a home late last week in the North Bay.  It appeared to be a "backyard breeder" situation that got out of control.
    Animal control officers found the dogs and the humans living in squalor conditions.   Several of them have tested positive for heart-worm and three of them are pregnant.

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    Their Cloverdale owner faces several charges including animal cruelty.  This is her second animal-related arrest.  She was booked two years ago for suspicion of running an unlicensed kennel.

    The dogs are in quarantined for now, but an adoption vetting process will begin soon.

    The nearby King's Kastle doggie day are has stepped up to help the dogs. The family-owned facility has volunteered to take care of them and are asking the public to help and donate to the cause.   Along with money, they say they need bedding, leashes and dog food.

    Their medical bills could top $15,000. 

    Because of the quarantine, the dogs can't be seen by the public. King's may let television cameras in later this week in hopes of finding loving homes for all of the dogs, including the ones in utero.