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Google Grants Millions to Museums

Googlers giving back to their inspirations



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    Covering technology, I've heard countless engineers, CEOs, and tech writers tell me that a trip to a museum is what first got them fired up about science and technology.

    Thanks to a huge series of grants just announced by Google, the next generation of engineers will be able to find that same spark.

    Google announced $12 million in grants to seven science museums, including the Exploratorium and the California Academy of Sciences. Google says the money will go towards construction of new facilities, developing new exhibits, and teaching kids outside the museum walls.

    The Mountain View search giant says the grant comes partly because of the many Googlers who "cite their own experiences in science museums as a positive influence on their decision to become engineers." 

    With that money and support, maybe the next Google will come from the mind of a future museum visitor.

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