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Google Promises YouTube Profitability

"YouTube is now on a trajectory we're very pleased with," says CEO Eric Schmidt



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    Google CEO Eric Schmidt explained it all in the quarterly earnings conference call.

    Google might finally see its $1.65 billion bet on YouTube pay off, say executives.

    While the company provided no details on when the video site might finally turn a profit, views of videos which generate revenue have tripled in the last year.

    Most of the revenue growth should come from advertisements that play before a video selected by a user.

    So if you want to watch videos from your favorite networks like ESPN, you'll have to sit through an ad first.

    The information was part of a conference call where the company discussed its quarterly earnings.

    Google managed to meet the expectations of financial analysts, but the company's growth seems to be slowing.

    However, executives suggested that YouTube could be a key player in future growth if it continues to do well.

    Jackson West figures as long as people will still get their cat videos and punches to the groin, YouTube will do just fine.