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Google's Flying Cars? Company Patenting "Personal Aircraft"

Company that may be linked to Google wants to build a flying car.



    Google's Flying Cars? Company Patenting "Personal Aircraft"
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    A car with wings and a propeller protruding from the radiator grille drives through Times Square, New York. The invention of A.H. Russell of Nutley, New Jersey. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

    A "stealth company" in Mountain View has applied for a patent for what appears to be flying cars -- and the company may be related to Google, according to reports.

    Mountain View-based Zee.Aero published in August a patent for a "personal aircraft" that is shown "parked in... a grocery store parking lot," according to reports.

    The aircraft takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter, and also is battery powered. Ergo, it's a "flying car," exclaimed the San Francisco Chronicle

    It may also be Google's flying car, the newspaper speculated.

    Zee.Aero is based within a stones throw of the Googleplex, leading to speculation that it is Google that's developing the flying car, the newspaper's tech blog reported.

    The company's honchos did not respond to questions related to Google's involvement.