Gov. Jerry Brown: Train Opponents "NIMBYs, Fearful Men" - NBC Bay Area

Gov. Jerry Brown: Train Opponents "NIMBYs, Fearful Men"

Gov. Jerry Brown had choice words Wednesday for high speed rail critics.



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    California Gov. Jerry Brown, accompanied by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, left, signed a bill into law Wednesday authorizing some $8 billion in funding for a controversial high-speed rail project.

    Committing $8 billion for the country's fastest rail system -- and dropping soundbite gold?

    Gov. Jerry Brown's visit Wednesday to San Francisco did not disappoint.
    The governor called supporting the state's high-speed rail project "bold risk-taking" similar to the out-there stances required to fund and build BART 50 years ago, the San Francisco Appeal online newspaper reported.
    The state Senate passed the bill required to fund the train by a single vote, the newspaper reported. 
    Brown stood at the future site of the Transbay Transit Center and acknowledged the opposition to the rail project, much of it from members of the Legislature living in the rural, agricultural areas through which the trains will pass.
    He had choice words for such opposition.
    "The world is full of 'NIMBYS' and fearful men," Brown said. "This is a bold move...don't' worry about the polls."