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Great White Rescued After Washing Ashore

A great white shark struggles on Venice Beach while rescuers work to save the animal's life



    A group gathered at Venice Beach over the weekend to rescue a small Great White Shark. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011)

    A shark tale is making news in Southern California. This is one that fisherman helped get away. In fact, that's the point.

    Over the weekend, a baby great white shark washed ashore on Venice Beach. Minutes earlier nearby fisherman realized they had hooked the shark onto a line. He and several other fishermen ran down to the beach to see if they could help it.

    Elvia Van Es, a Venice Beach resident, caught the incident on her camera phone, and posted it on YouTube (warning: contains graphic language).

    "Everyone was terrified…This guy in the yellow shorts came out of nowhere," said Van Es. "People started screaming. Guys were yelling, 'shark. It’s a shark. He caught a shark.'"

    The man in the yellow shorts, known to locals as Willy, approached the shark and struggled to remove the hook from its mouth.

    "The poor shark was bleeding. It was nerve racking," said Van Es.

    Peter Wallerstein from the group Marine Animal Rescue said it was a heroic act, but probably not the safest thing to do.

    "Anytime you're around the mouth of any shark, it's a very dangerous situation," said Wallerstein. "They could have lost their hand, trying to do what they did."

    After the hook was dislodged, Willy and three other men helped drag the shark back into the ocean.

    "I wanted to give him the video," said Van Es. "I wanted to tell him, 'You’re amazing. You’re such a hero. I don't have your contact information.'"

    Van Es said that’s when Willy got shy and disappeared.

    When she approached lifeguards to tell them of what had just happened, Van Es said they weren’t surprised to learn who had saved the day.

    "Oh yeah, that’s Willy," said a lifeguard on duty. "We call him the ‘Animal Whisperer.'"

    Warning: Video contains graphic language: