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Green Party Too Broke To Pay Rent

Party throws itself an office goodbye party.



    Green Party Too Broke To Pay Rent
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    If the green party needs tips on coping with homelessness, it's a quick walk to Sixth and Market where any number of experts will probably be happy to help.

    The local San Francisco office of the Green Party on 1028 Howard street in the city's SOMA neighborhood has, like many of us, fallen on hard times.

    It used to be able to sublet its office to political campaigns, but with a glut of office space available, can no longer justify the approximately $1,000 a month it spends on rent.

    So it's moving out, and having a party to celebrate its new life as a hobo with a benefit party tomorrow at 6 p.m. -- they're even auctioning off the television.

    The party is a somewhat viable political organization in San Francisco, having nearly gotten party member and former President of the Board of Supervisors Matt Gonzalez elected mayor back in 2003.

    A spokesperson for the party promised that the money saved will be spent on more events, and that the move is, ultimately, a good thing.

    After all, do you know having an office does to your carbon footprint?

    Jackson West would be happy to let them crash at his apartment for a couple nights.