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Group: Bring Affirmative Action Back to UC



    Group: Bring Affirmative Action Back to UC
    Christie Smith

    If you know what Prop 209 is without looking it up, chances are you have ties to the University of California system. Or maybe you just have a strong sense of justice. It was passed by California voters in 1996 -- and it's back, but not in a good light.

    The civil right group By Any Means Necessary will file a lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Oakland challenging 209. It seeks to restore affirmative action in admissions for the UC system.

    BAMN is looking to boost the ranks for Black, Latino and Native American students. They say it violates equal protection guaranteed by the constitution. The suit criticizes the UC system for relying too much on grades and scores for admission which might overshadow students who come from schools that say don't have strong honors classes.

    Look out Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and UC President Mark Yudof -- you are named as defendants.

    The track record here isn't great. In 1997, the US Supreme Court rejected a challenge to Prop 209.

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