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Groupon: Lunch is On Us Today

Bulk sandwiches for San Jose-based Quizno's.



    Groupon: Lunch is On Us Today
    Photo by Groupon

    If you haven't made lunch plans yet, have we got a deal for you.

    It comes from dot-com coupon leader Groupon, and if you're really hungry, or have some friends who you like to eat with, this might work: Eight subs at a local Quiznos sandwich shop, for $26. That's half price, as long as you're ready to walk away with eight sandwiches.

    Groupon, which staked itself to a nice, early-mover advantage in the online coupon game, has been feeling the heat lately, from companies like Facebook and LivingSocial. There are several places to turn for dot-com deals these days, and Groupon is trying to get regional.

    The pitch to us was "A restaurant featured in San Francisco and San Jose."  Well, really, Quiznos is everywhere, but you can't fault them for trying. Heck, all this competition can only be good for those of you who clip those virtual coupons.

    And, if all that virtual clipping makes you hungry, go grab a sandwich. Or eight.

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