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Guess Who Loves Tom Campbell Now?



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    Republican candidate for governor Steve Poizner is making his love for Tom campbell known.

    Within minutes of Campbell's official announcement that he is leaving the Governor's race to run for U.S. Senate Poizner released the following statement.

    "In this race, Tom Campbell was never afraid to answer the tough questions, debate the issues, and offer specific ideas for pulling California out of economic crisis.  I may not have agreed with all of Tom’s proposals, but I admire his attention to policy and his willingness to present detailed specifics.  The seriousness of the problems we face demand that our next governor have thoughtful and well-formed plans for bringing California back from the brink.  Having served in state government, Tom knows that California cannot be run like a business and the Governor’s office is not a boardroom.  It was a pleasure to debate Tom Campbell many times on our plans and I wish him the best of luck in the future."

    Of course, Campbell's decision to bolt from the governor's race gives Poznier one less foe in his fight for the Republican votes against former eBay chief Meg Whitman.