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Silicon Valley's Homeless Guitar Man Was Loved

In Sunnyvale, hundreds of guitarists gather to remember a kindred spirit



    Silicon Valley's Homeless Guitar Man Was Loved
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    A memorial service was held Saturday in Sunnyvale, Calif., for Guy Myers, who most residents knew as “Guitar Man.”

    A car hit and killed Myers, 58, while he was trying to cross Highway 101, just south of Lawrence Expressway, last Sunday night, the Mercury News reported. The 58-year-old Salinas man driving the car was not arrested.

    Myers was reportedly homeless and slept in the bushes just off the highway. He earned his nickname by strumming his beloved instrument all over town.

    Myers' son, Aaron, told the paper that his father had a serious drinking problem, which resulted in Hewlett-Packard firing him 10 years ago. He had worked there for 19 years in the shipping and die-casting departments.

    Despite his addiction, many people loved Myers, describing him as very friendly, outgoing and compassionate. He could be seen and heard, strumming his guitar at his favorite hang out spots including Lakewood Park, Bogart's Lounge and in front of the 7-Eleven on Wildwood Avenue, where the paper reports a growing shrine to Myers.

    The outpouring of support has touched his three children and extended family.

    "I'm amazed at all these people," his daughter-in-law, Cindy Myers, told the paper. "I had my ups and downs with him. But this feels good. Guy would do anything to help someone, even if he didn't always help himself."

    The public memorial service was held at 2 p.m. on Saturday at Lakewood Park in Sunnyvale. Hundreds of guitarists were expected to strum his farewell.