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Gun in Child's Backpack Was Loaded



    Gun in Child's Backpack Was Loaded
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    This is not the backpack in question, but it was one like this that contained a gun.

    A first grade student in Oakland not only brought a gun to school this week, according to school officials, it was loaded.

    The student's teacher noticed the gun in the child's backpack at Prescott Elementary Tuesday morning and immediately reported it to police.

    District officials said Thursday that the gun, a 9 mm handgun, had one bullet in its chamber.

    Investigators say the student did not know it was there and a district spokesman told Bay City News the student will not be punished.

    The school's principal sent a letter to parents and staff explaining what happened.

    The principal said in the letter, "We are not taking this matter lightly. We will continue to investigate the incident thoroughly and will keep you apprised of new information as it’s confirmed. We recognize that the presence of guns in the school is unacceptable and we are working with Oakland Schools Police and Violence Prevention Specialists to provide counseling on the dangers of guns as well as anti-violence training."

    Officials said they were investigating how the gun got there, and would not discuss any possible leads in the case.