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Hack Brings Skype to Windows Phone 7, Sort of



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    The hoopla around Skype going mobile may be centered mostly around the iPhone but there are other smartphone users out there.

    For example, there are people who prefer the recently released Windows Phone 7 over the iPhone or Android phones.

    But one of the problems with the Windows Phone is the tools Microsoft makes available for third party developers.

    The issue has reportedly been one of the main reasons why Skype has not developed a mobile app for the Windows platform phone.

    With no future app development in site, some clever Windows Phone users took it upon themselves to connect their phones with Skype.

    The developers have come up with a VoIP app that, among other things, will pull your Skype contacts to your phone.

    But like many hacks there is a problem. The app currently does not allow you to make voice or video calls.