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Half Of New California Jobs Are in Bay Area

The Bay Area added 6,100 jobs in August -- half of all new California jobs.



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    Inside a job fair in Livermore on Tuesday. Applicants were hoping to land a job at a new outlet mall.

    The job market in the Bay Area is darn good. So good, in fact, that half of all new jobs created in California are created here.

    The Bay Area job market added 6,100 jobs in August, according to the Oakland Tribune. Figures from the state's Employment Development Department showed that figure to be half of all jobs created in California, the newspaper reported.

    The South Bay added 1,900 jobs, the East Bay 500 -- and San Francisco-San Mateo was the winner, with 3,500 jobs added, the newspaper reported.

    Just what are these jobs, and to whom are they going? The newspaper didn't say.

    Nonetheless, there are clearly jobs to get out there. Thus far in 2012, the Bay Area has found time and money to add 61,000 jobs, the newspaper reported.

    California's unemployment rate remains above 10 percent, at 10.6 percent.