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Handcuffed Man Shoots At Officers



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    Being in handcuffs didn't stop one man from getting a hold of a gun.

    Suisun City Police Department officials are investigating circumstances that led a handcuffed suspect to fire a gun at officers.

    Late Friday morning police said two officers pulled 25-year-old John Bueno over for an alleged moving violation on the 1400 block of Pelican Way.

    Chief of Police Ed Dadisho said Bueno was uncooperative with the officers, forcing them to push Bueno to the ground during a weapons search.

    Dadisho said the officers believe that sent a gun hidden in Bueno's groin area down his pant leg.

    "So when officers picked him up and walked him to the car, their feeling was that he had already been searched in those areas," Dadisho said.

    After Bueno was handcuffed with his hands behind his back, an officer put Bueno in a patrol car. While inside, Bueno managed to bring his hands in front of him and grab his gun.

    "When the gun was pointed at the officer, the officer moved out of the way, but he still had contact with the suspect. As soon as the shot went off, the officer pulled the suspect to the ground," Dadisho said.

    What started as a simple traffic stop is now under administrative investigation to determine if negligence or a lack of training affected the outcome.

    "I don't know that yet, so we are going to wait until all of the investigations are done," Dadisho said.

    Dadisho also said increased training on suspect search techniques will likely result from the investigation. He said sergeants are already reminding officers about best practices for a thorough search.

    Meanwhile, those who live on Pelican Way said what happened was a real shock.

    "You don't expect that to happen here. It's usually something people go to Suisun to get away from," Bernard Slack said.

    "Usually it's actually really quiet," said Tyshawn Kidane.

    "This awakened a lot of people, I would say," Dadisho said.

    Officers were a bit shaken up after the incident, but Dadisho said they are doing much better. Dadisho said he is glad no one got hurt.

    Bueno faces charges for attempted murder along with 11 other charges.

    He could be arraigned as early as Tuesday.

    This article originally appeared on KCRA.com.