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Hands Across the Bay Area

Students and citizens link up to raise funds for community colleges.



    Hands Across the Bay Area
    Hands Across California
    Hands Across California will take place on Sunday, April 17.

    Last time we looked, California seemed notably long. Sure, a couple of other states may be bigger -- hi, Alaska and Texas -- but we seem to have the whole terrestrial stretch thing down here on the coast.

    Which makes any event called Hands Across California instantly impressive. But more impressive than the thought of one million people linking up up and down the state is why they're doing it. The goal is to raise money for our community colleges, and awareness of the issues these institutions face. Funds will go toward scholarships as well.

    It's pretty serious-minded stuff, and oh so necessary, but consider the human angle as well; if a million people do go hand-in-hand on Sunday, April 17, new relationships and partnerships are sure to be formed. Another benefit.

    The time is 2 p.m., and the route circles the Bay Area. San Jose City College is on the map as if San Francisco City College.

    In Oakland MC Hammer will be saying you "can touch this" as he offers his hand in the effort in the East Bay at the Oakland Colesium.

    If you can't participate, you can donate. And you can learn more about how our community colleges will benefit by this big, state-covering event.