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Hayward Gold Dealer Shot and Killed Outside Home



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    Gold is trading at record-high levels during the Great Recession.

    A Hayward man was known to neighbors and the community as a gold dealer before he was shot and killed outside his home last Sunday morning.

    It's still unclear if Amador Carrera, 65, was targeted for the 8 a.m. Sunday killing specifically because he frequented local swap meets, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. He had been targeted for robberies in the past, the newspaper reported.

    Police are investigating the gold link. No arrests have been made in the case, according to the newspaper.

    Witnesses reported hearing three gunshots in quick succession in the vicinity of St. Andrews Street in Hayward, near the BART tracks and the Mission Boulevard main drag, the newspaper reported. Carrera's wife, 59, was wounded in the attack.

    With the economy still in a recession, gold sells for $1,800 an ounce.