Hayward Parents Not at Fault in 911 Call Delay: Cops - NBC Bay Area

Hayward Parents Not at Fault in 911 Call Delay: Cops

Parents did nothing wrong, according to police



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    Our helicopter flew over the scene Thursday morning.

    The Hayward Police Department said the parents of a 10-year-old girl have a good explanation for Thursday 's five-hour delay in calling police after their child was shot.

    The girl was hit by gunfire in the overnight hours after someone shot into a home on Tampa Avenue near Sumatra Street.

    The little girl apparently woke up in pain, but when she told her parents, they thought the pain and the blood was associated with their child starting her menstrual cycle. 

    Police said, when they took her into the restroom to care for her needs, "there was no indication she had been shot in the buttocks."

    The little girl went back to bed, but was still had pain in the morning, so the parents did more investigation and found bullet holes near her bed.  They then looked for a wound, found it and immediately called 911, according to police.

    After speaking with the doctor, Hayward police said they learned the entry wound was “rather small” and “easily could have been overlooked if they thought she was starting her period.”

    The little girl is doing well and is back at home recovering with her family.

    No arrests have been made in the case.