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He Didn't Lose His Finger Or His Hot Wheel

Toy company helps San Jose child replace lost Hot Wheel



    He Didn't Lose His Finger Or His Hot Wheel
    NBC Bay Area
    Toddler gets Finger caught in truck

    This turned out to be a pretty darn good week for Caleb Colmenero.

    And that is quite a surprising turn of events for the two-year-old from San Jose who's panicked father called 911 on his behalf earilier this week.

    On Tuesday morning little Caleb nearly lost his right pointer-finger after getting it stuck down a hole in the bed of his father's pickup. He was trying to find a Hot Wheels toy. It turns out it wasn't down there in the first place.

    Thanks to a massive rescue effort by the San Jose Fire Department, Caleb was able to keep the finger and get his photo on the front page of the Mercury News.

    Now, the Mattel toy company is giving Caleb lots and lots of the little toy cars.

    Mattel e-mailed NBC Bay Area:

    The Hot Wheels team found out about the article last night. This was a pretty traumatic event for Caleb and it had a happy ending except for the fact that the Hot Wheels was lost. We want to put a smile on Caleb’s face after having to endure such an event and we will send him a Hot Wheels package on Monday to replace his lost truck.

    Also on Monday, Caleb will be the star of a reunion party with his rescuers who invited his family down to the fire house to celebrate their good fortune.