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SJ "Hero" Saves Father, Daughter From Drowning

Near drowning happened at housing complex in the area of Bollinger Road and Miller Avenue.



    SJ "Hero" Saves Father, Daughter From Drowning
    By the time the ambulance arrived, both victims were breathing again.

    A San Jose man is being called a hero for his efforts to save a father and daughter who were discovered at the bottom of a pool Wednesday night.

    Witnesses said the unnamed man jumped into the pool and pulled both people out. He started CPR on the little girl while others helped her dad.

    Both victims were breathing by the time an ambulance arrived.

    It wasn't clear what happened that caused the near drowing. Family members said the last thing they saw was the man carrying his daughter on his shoulders in the pool while they relaxed in a nearby hot tub.

    San Jose fire Capt. Rob Brown credits the man who pulled them out of the water with saving their lives.

    "Without that action, things might have turned out very differently," Brown told Bay City News.
    Both were still in the hospital Thursday morning, but were expected to recover.