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High-Speed Rail Plans Not Moving at High-Speed



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    California High-Speed Rail Authority
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    California's high-speed rail project is slowing down to take a look at optional methods of construction.

    According to the Mercury News, the announcement came at a board meeting today from California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Roelof van Ark. 

    The authority plans to take some time researching the most efficient and cost-effective way to build the massive state-wide system.

    The agency spent most of it's available $5.5 billion to start the line near Fresno but ran out of money before they could extend the track to the Bay Area or Southern California, and have no idea when they'll get the rest of the $43 billion to complete the project.

    "This will allow all stakeholders to participate in the further investigation and development of the alignments, and some of the technical complexities of the operations and alignments can be further analyzed," van Ark said.

    Van Ark also commented that they will consider working on sections of the project in stages, rather than all at once, and hopes to have trains running by 2020.