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Higher Muni, Parking Tickets; End of Free Sunday Parking

These are all plans to solve the Muni budget pickle



    A crowded muni car on the K line at Church.

    The sky's the limit -- for Muni fare and parking tickets in San Francisco.

    The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has another deficit to close, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Some ways to close the projected $34.1 million and $45.6 million shortfalls include charging customers an extra 25 cents for paying cash, charging an additional 25 cents for any customer using a transfer, upping parking fines, and requiring parkers to feed meters on Sundays and at night.

    Under the plans, which require SFMTA board approval, adult cash fare for a one-way ride on Muni would rise to $2.50. Other plans include installing an extra 1,000 parking meters or raising taxes.

    The other option is to cut service, according to Muni chief Ed Reiskin. The agency cut service by 10 percent last year.

    The agency is losing money because of funding cuts from the state and increasing labor costs, according to reports.