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Hillary Keeps Bill Off Course

Politics pulls Clinton away from President's Cup



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    He might be whispering, "Honey, Why did you have to go an hire Ellen for that post?"

    It's all Hillary Clinton's fault, really.  Former President Bill Clinton would be basking in the sunshine of Harding Park Gold Course today if it weren't for his wife.

    If she had not run for President, she wouldn't have received the support of tens of millions of Americans.

    If she hadn't gotten all those votes, Barack Obama might not have felt obligated to offer her a post in his cabinet.

    If she hadn't become Secretary of State, she wouldn't have needed to hire a staff.

    If Ellen Tauscher hadn't become Clinton's Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs, she never would have vacated her congressional seat.

    If Tauscher were still on Capital Hill, California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi would still be running for Governor.

    If Garamendi hadn't decided, instead, to run for Tauscher's vacated tenth district seat, his staff wouldn't have asked President Clinton to endorse him today.

    If Clinton hadn't said yes, he wouldn't have to spend the afternoon attending a health care reform rally at South San Francisco's Basque Cultural Center, endorsing Garamendi.

    He would, instead, be free to spend even more time on San Francisco's beautiful Harding Park Golf Course, rubbing shoulders with some of the best golfers in the world in town for the President's Cup and, perhaps, getting a few golf tips.

    We think we know where we would rather be. Thanks, Hillary.