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Hillsdale Shopping Center Development Still in Flux



    Hillsdale Shopping Center Plans Major Renovation

    Hillsdale Shopping Center Plans Major Renovation (Published Tuesday, May 28, 2013)

    Sears is open for business at the Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo, but may not be for long.

    "I’m not too sure if Sears will continue to do what they’re doing,” San Mateo resident Nanette Lew said.

    That’s because the Bohannon Development Company, which owns the mall, wants to replace Sears with a Target store.

    Some people like Nanette Lew likes the idea. “I think target would really add to the mall,” Lew said.

    Not only would sears be replaced with Target under the proposal, Cost Plus would be moved out and a luxury theatre will be moved in.

    "We use to have a theatre years ago on el Camino. We loved it. It was convenient for us,” San Mateo resident Maureen Kessler said.

    Hillsdale Shopping Center general manager Larry Ivich said in a statement that the company wants to make changes because, “we believe the addition of a theater and new dining opportunities in an open air environment will be well received by our shoppers and will make us more competitive and attractive.”

    Attractive to people moving into this growing peninsula city. The Bay Meadows project is within walking distance to the mall.

    The new homes under construction on the old Bay Meadow race track location is a sign of a resurgent housing market. That’s good news for some, but troubling for others who would like to developers be considerate when it comes to traffic.

    “Hillsdale can only take so much," Lew said. "28th avenue is supposed to connect this west side with the east side. I don’t know if that’s enough to get the flow out of here. There’s a concern.”