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Holding Out Hope for Hasanni

Rummage sale held to help continue searches for missing Fremont boy



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    Hasanni Campbell was reported missing Aug. 10, 2009.

    It’s been eight months since he disappeared and even though few clues have surfaced in the case of Hasanni Campbell, there’s still hope he will be found.

    Members of the group Citizens for the Lost Society have never given up the search for Hasanni. The small group  gathered at an Oakland church Saturday to hold a rummage sale to help raise money to continue the searches for the boy, who would be 6 now. The group formed as a direct result of Hasanni's disappearance but aims to raise awareness and financial support for all missing kids and adults.

    The sale runs all day at the College Avenue Presbyterian Church in the city’s Rockridge neighborhood. It’s in the same area where Hasanni was last seen. The supporters will also release 243 balloons – one for each day Hasanni has been missing.

    The same group has held monthly vigils since the boy vanished but this month, they wanted to do more to help continue the search.

    Hasanni’s foster parents, Louis Ross and Jennifer Campbell, have moved out of the area. They were arrested early on in the case but released because there was not enough evidence against them.