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Holiday Travel Un-Deaux

Social media gives a glimpse into how we celebrate Thanksgiving.



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    Foursquare check-ins gave a hint at where Americans were traveling on Thanksgiving.

    A foggy Sunday morning made for terrible timing for Bay Area travelers trying to undo the holiday commute.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest of the year for airports. SFO expected to see 125,000 people on Sunday alone.

    Dense ground fog impacted travel on various roadways as well as flights at SFO.

    Foggy conditions at SFO were impacting domestic West Coast  flights, causing arrivals to be about 30 minutes behind schedule as of 10:15  a.m. and expected to get worse, a duty manager said.

    Dense fog advisories were issued for multiple bridges around the  Bay Area, including the San Mateo Bridge, the Dumbarton Bridge, the Benicia  Bridge and the Carquinez Bridge, according to the California Highway Patrol.

    NBC Bay Area's Rob Mayeda has your forecast inside this story.

    Also on this busy travel day a look at where we are all headed.

    If you checked in to Foursquare on both ends of a trip over Thanksgiving or Christmas last year,  you're probably somewhere on the below infographic.

    Foursquare (it's a website and mobile app that keeps track of places you visit) collects a lot of data on a lot of different people. It's all anonymized, of course, but that doesn't mean that you can't pull a lot of interesting stuff out of it, and a Foursquare designer put together this graph of 2010 holiday travel patterns.

    Click to belargeify:


    Each one of those colored lines represents a trip by either plane or train, while the white dots show travel by car. The graph along the bottom shows how travel volume changes during November and December. If you take one thing away from this picture, let it be this: as far as Foursquare nerds are concerned, the entire state of Montana might as well not even exist.

    Foursquare, via Tech Review

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