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Home Depot Is Hiring

"Spring is our Christmas."



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    Home Depot is hiring 60,000 people nationwide and more than 1,200 in DFW.

    Turkeys won't grace Thanksgiving tables for a while, but shoppers can enjoy Black Friday early in at least one store.

    Home Depot will hire 60,000 seasonal associates across the nation to help weather the three-month spring rush the store experiences annually from March through June, said Home Depot spokeswoman Jean Niemi.

    Bay Areea stores will see additions of about 1,000 of the temporary associates with hires beginning now.

    When winter has subsided and the weather is perfect for people to fix up their homes and gardens, the holiday sales have already passed.

    Home Depot's solution? Move the holidays.

    The company moved its annual Black Friday sale from November to spring last year for the first time to fit its most profitable season, Niemi said.

    There were two Black Friday weekends with door-buster deals and savings that would normally be reserved for the days following Thanksgiving.

    This year, there will be four Black Friday events in each store, with varying dates depending on the region.

    The seasonal workers will remain in the stores for about three months, adding a helping hand so full-time employees can devote more time to customers, Niemi said

    She added that Home Depot will also be adding permanent jobs in the stores, but could not say how many.