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Home Invasion Includes a Demand For Cash



    Home Invasion Includes a Demand For Cash
    Cheryl Hurd

    Gary Flinders and his wife Lita are lucky burglars had mercy on them.  They are the victim's the the latest home invasion in Oakland.
    "They asked if you have any guns. I said no guns. Any children? No children. Have a safe? I said we don't have a safe," Flinders said.

    Just after midnight Thursday morning, Flinders said several men, possibly four, kicked in the front door of their Sheffield Village home in Oakland.  They were looking for cash.

    The burglars went to the dining area where Gary kept his wallet and snatched less than $100.

    His wife rifled through their closet and gave them another $40.

    "Their hands were covered which gave me the impression their might be a gun," Flinders said.

    Flinders is the captain in the neighborhood watch program.  He's worried about Oakland's proposal to layoff 200 police officers to help balance a huge budget deficit.

    Flinders says, "People are hurting now days.  They need to have confidence there are people protecting and watching over us."