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"Bloody Mess" Found Inside Castro Valley Home

Investigators said it was still not clear if the victim had been shot, beaten or both prior to death.



    An anonymous tip led police to a body in a home in a quiet Castro Valley neighborhood. NBC Bay Area's Jodi Hernandez reports. (Published Tuesday, May 15, 2012)

    The Alameda County Sheriff's Office is investigating the homicide of a Castro Valley man found dead inside a Castro Valley home -- the city's first homicide this year.

    Sgt. J.D. Nelson said Monday that the body was found inside a home in the 4300 block of Omega Avenue about 6 p.m. Monday, in what he described as a "bloody mess."

    "The scene described by deputies when they went in was it was a 'bloody mess.' Blood strewn about the house things overturned. They continued searching the house and in the garage they saw someone they initially thought was hiding, but when he didn't move they realized he was a dead person," Nelson said.

    Investigatos received an anonymous tip Monday that claimed someone had been harmed. Follow up questions lead the deputy on the call to get enough clues to check the home where the body was ultimately found.

    Deputies were checking in with people on probation, Nelson said, when they "tried to make contact" with someone at the home, they ran off.

    After that, they entered the unoccupied home and found the victim.

    One neighbor told NBC Bay Area that the adult son who lived in the home had a party Sunday night while his mother was out of town. She said the party got loud and rowdy about 2 a.m.

    "It's shocking, crazy," said another neighbor Christina Rodriguez. "It's kind of disturbing."

    Everyone on the street said they hoped for answers from investigators.

    Rodriguez says they interviewed her about the incident, and told her the victim did not live in the home. She says she remembered seeing several cars in front of the home where the victim was found.

    "When I left for work yesterday there were three cars parked in front of the house," she said, although she didn't recognize any of them.