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Honestly, How Do You Feel About Meg & Carly?

Website heats up with poilitical ratings



    Honestly, How Do You Feel About Meg & Carly?
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    Go ahead, rate 'em.

    We've got Yelp for restaurants, CNet and epinions for digital cameras, but what about politicians?  How do we break through the clutter of advertisements to hear what real people think about the candidates?  Oh, and by the way, these real people know the candidates pretty well:  They used to work with them and/or for them.

    Honestly.com (formerly unvarnished.com) is all about peer review. They'll let Yelp handle the barbershops - Honestly wants you to rate your co-workers. These days, the company has been hearing a lot from former co-workers of Silicon Valley CEOs turned political candidates like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina.

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    if you have something to add, you can create a profile for yourself on Honestly.com, and you can submit a peer review anonymously.  Founder Peter Kazanjy tells us the comments are coming in fast and furious, with lots of discussions about whether a CEO will make a good politician.

    It's a mix of politics and technology, aiming to clear away all the pre-packaged noise we get from the candidates themselves.  It's a bit early to tell if the site will be a hit post-elections, but the company itself is confident about its future.  At the bottom of its e-mails, Honestly.com says it's hiring.

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