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South Bay Races Heat Up

Top Cop, Prosecutor In Tight races;Did Illegal Mailers Work?



    South Bay Races Heat Up
    Voters line up early at the Briarwood precinct in Bowling Green, Ky., Tuesday, May 18, 2010, for the primary election. (AP Photo/Bowling Green Daily News, Joe Imel)

    The South Bay has several hot races.

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    Jeff Rosen wants to fire his boss.

    Rosen is a top prosecutor in the D.A.'s office.   He says his boss is not doing the job, and feels change is needed at the top.

    Dolores Carr says Rosen has no record to run on, so he's attacking hers.

    Carr is ending her first term as D.A., a term that hasn't been without controversy.  She wants to do more to fight gangs and prosecute brokers and realtors guilty of financial fraud in the middle of the foreclosure crisis.

    Also in Santa Clara County, the sheriff is facing stiff opposition for the first time since elected 12 years ago. 

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    Laurie Smith says she's run a good department in that time, and feels voters will give her another 4 years.  Both her opponents are former San Jose police officers.  In fact, Richard Calderon is a former captain, who says he has more investigative experience than Smith. He says the sheriff has failed in fighting gangs, and working with other police departments in the county.

    Martin Monica is a former officer, who feels Smith is never out in the community she serves.

    Monica feels he can run the department better.

    And in San Jose, City Council District 5 was not on many analysts' radar.

    But that all changed when 2 illegal attack fliers arrived in mail boxes attacking candidate Magdalena Carrasco. 

    One mailer showed a picture of Carrasco emblazoned with the flag of communist Vietnam.

    Another attacked the father of one of her children.

    All three of Carrasco's opponents, Aaron Resendez, J. Manuel Herrera, and Xavier Campos, all denounced the fliers to NBC Bay Area.

    The D.A. is investigating who sent the mailers, and the chamber of commerce is offering a $5-thousand reward for whomever fingers the sender. 

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