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Howard Student From Oakland Found

Returned to D.C. last Saturday from Oakland



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    Police in the District are searching for a missing Howard University student who hasn't been heard from since last Saturday.

    UPDATE: Howard University told our NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C. that Arianna was located in nearby Prince George County safe and unharmed.


    A missing person's case back East has a connection to the East Bay.

    D.C. and Howard University police are looking for a missing student from Oakland.

    They are searching for Arianna Carr, who is a 17-year-old freshman. Carr flew from the Bay Area to D.C. on Jan. 7 but hasn't been seen for nearly a week.  She lives in a single room in on all-girls dorm, according to reports.

    Police say she was seen on campus Jan. 10, but her family says they haven't been able to contact her. Friends passed out fliers around campus Friday night.  The school has also posted information on Arianna on its Facebook page.

    A person who identified herself as the girl's mother wrote the following on the Howard Univ. page:

    This is Arianna's mom once again. I had considered and hoped that my daughter was just being an irresponsible teenager. I as is the rest of her family remain extremely concerned about her safety and well being. I write this message to make another plea that you please please contact me if you have the slightest information or inclination as to her whereabouts. We just can not process or believe that with this issue being heightened to media outlets and missing posters that she would not reach out to someone. This has never been her character as I know it; no matter the challenge or conflict. I appreciate those of you that have reached out and shared what you know and I encourage I BEG OF YOU to please continue to do so until she is found. Thank you to those of you who have been responsive to my calls and text. I remain prayerful and I rely on my faith but I also need your continued love help, love, and support!!

    Brokenhearted and desperate, her mom!


    Anyone with information is asked to contact the the Howard University Department of Public Safety at (202) 806-1100.