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SFO Could Shelve A Controversial Fueling Station

A Hydrogen Refueling Station Could Be Dumped Over Safety Concerns



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    A new hydrogen fueling station for hybrid buses may not see the light of day at San Francisco International Airport.

    According to the San Mateo County Times, negotiations between airport officials and a proposed operator broke down. Both sides could not agree on who would take full responsibility if a major accident where to happen.  

    The operator refused demands to take full responsibility for any mishaps. SFO was worried over a possible gas explosion similar to what happened to the city of San Bruno back in 2010. There were also concerns over the location of the station which would be near busy runways and roadways.

    The nearly $3 million project would have created a hydrogen gas station for hybrid buses used by SFO. The airport has already spend $61,000 in preparations for the station. An airport commission could decide today on whether to kill the proposal.