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I Kissed a TV, and I Liked It

Get ready for more interaction at home



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    I kissed a TV, and I liked it.

    Of course, I was a gentleman, and took it to dinner and a show first.

    It's a strange feeling when you become a remote control, but get used to it.  As another reporter in the throng put it,. "things are gonna get loud in my livingroom."  It's a good point.  As TV sets become Siri-ized, are we really all going to be shouting "NBC," or "That show about people who hoard stuff" across the room at our sets?  A cool idea, if we can make it smooth, and somehow civilized.

    After all, who needs yet another remote to lose?

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    But  we do, as it turns out, need another thin, sleek laptop.  Apple tried, and almost succeeded, in killing the category for everybody else with its MacBook Air.  But the just-introduced "Spectre" from HP at least makes the field a little more interesting.  It's got Gorilla Glass all over it, a big screen, and a sleek look that will turn heads.  $1399, when it comes out in early February.

    Oh, and speaking of interacting with technology, you're gonna love a cool new app from Aurasma - just download it and try it out.  It turns everyday objects into moving things.  Very cool.  Who needs a movie poster, when you can have a movie playing on your smartphone.

    Also peeking into the future, we saw the next prototype from iRobot.  This one doesn't just roll around and clean your floor, it will hold a tablet, and deliver whatever you need.  it looks like a robot from a futuristic movie, and with healthcare companies already interested, will likely change the way medicine is ordered and delivered.

    Lots more coverage to come, on its way to your soon-to-be-interactive TV screen, as well as on Twitter:  @scottbudman