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Ice Falls From Sky, Smashes Fremont Roof

A block of ice fell from the sky in Fremont, smashing into a home's roof.



    Ice Falls From Sky, Smashes Fremont Roof

    From whence came the block of ice that left a "manhole-sized" crater in a Fremont roof?

    On Sunday, neighborhood kids playing basketball were startled to hear a crash "like clay plates" shattering, when a piece of ice struck the roof of a home in the 700 block of Wichitaw Drive, according to The Argus.

    The Federal Aviation Administration visited not too long after "the big block of ice suddenly hurtled out of the clear, blue sky," but officials did not say that the ice definitely came from a plane, the newspaper reported.

    The ice was not blue, the newspaper reported, which would have indicated it came from the airplane bathroom.

    The FAA will ask air traffic control to review radar and see if planes were passing overhead -- and if so, they will be asked to check their aircraft for leaks, the newspaper reported.