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'Idol' Rains on James Durbin's (Literal) Parade

Booted from 'American Idol', Santa Cruz native takes his talent home, sans celebration.



    'Idol' Rains on James Durbin's (Literal) Parade

    It's a good thing the Boardwalk will always be around, because as soon as news spread of 'American Idol' contestant James Durbin's exodus, his special day in Santa Cruz was shut down.

    Had Durbin made the final cut, 'Idol' was going to sponsor a 'homecoming' for the SC native, according to the SantaCruzSentinel.com.

    And don't think for a minute Santa Cruz was taking this lightly, either:

    The head of Durbin Day logistics (our emphasis) at Santa Cruz Police Department, Deputy Chief Steve Clark, said he had been studying [past] events ... and vowed it would be the best American Idol homecoming ever.

    Did you get that, 'American Idol'?? We're talking best ever.

    The idyllic city by the sea was about to be shown to the world via hometown hero Durbin's success and 'Idol's' audience reach.

    Santa Cruz will have to remain one of the Bay Area's gems -- until Durbin signs a sweet deal with a major label and he's pouring attention back at the Boardwalk that almost hosted Durbin Day.

    Damn you, Simon Cowell. Damn you.