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If Facebook Were Around When Jesus Was Born

What if man named Joseph met a woman named Mary? The story begins



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    Families around the Bay Area are telling a Christmas story that begins with a husband and a wife and a donkey and ends with a newborn baby in a manger.

    It's a story that has been told for centuries.

    A Christian group has produced a new twist to the Biblical account that imagines what the birth of Jesus of Nazareth would have been like if it happened in the social networking age.

    The stars of the show are Joseph and Mary, with a cameo by baby Jesus. The catalyst for the Christmas tale is none other than Palo Alto-based Facebook.

    The group Igniter Media put together a thoughtful 3:59 video a couple of years ago that begins with a young man named  Joseph opening his Facebook account posting his intent to marry a woman named Mary on his wall.

    The two changed their status to "engaged" and from there, the rest is taken right out of the pages of the Bible.

    It ends with Mary changes her profile photo to show her cradling a newborn baby and Joseph posts that they are naming their child Jesus.