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Immigrant Moms Appeal to Newsom, the Dad



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    Gavin Newsom wants a rider to volunteer time and ideas to the board that oversees San Francisco's Muni.

    Mothers are appealing to the parental side of lawmakers who consider immigration laws.

    Dozens of Latina moms are sending San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom an early Father's Day card with a request: Protect young immigrants from Immigration Customs and Enforcement, or ICE.

    In June, the federal Secure Communities program is expected to begin in San Francisco. That means ICE will have access to the fingerprints of everyone arrested in the City.

    Right now, only suspects who are booked for a felony are reported to ICE. Immigrant mothers worry the policy will rip families apart.

    Mayor Newsom's office says San Francisco is a sanctuary city but it does not protect people who commit a crime.