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Impaled Man Eludes Berkeley Police

Adrenaline is a mighty thing.



    Impaled Man Eludes Berkeley Police
    Berkeley Police
    Imagine jumping this fence, but getting impaled along the way and STILL running fast enough to elude police officers.

    Berkeley police are searching for a man who got away from officers even though he impaled himself on a 9 1/2 foot iron gate during his getaway.

    Officers say the man seriously injured his leg and may be seeking medical help.  Investigators put a bullet casing marker on the portion of the gate where blood evidence was left behind.

    This all began at 2 a.m. Wednesday morning when a woman called 911 to report a man was outside her second story window.  The man was standing on a flat tar roof looking in, according to the report. When officers arrived they found a man fitting his description nearby. He ran when he saw police and during a foot chase, the suspect attempted to hop the iron gate.

    He impaled his leg at the top, according to officers who were standing below him trying to help.  Officers were trying to support a dangling leg. They also called for an ambulance.  They say the man tugged at his leg and successfully, albeit painfully, got it off of the spike-topped fence post.  The gate was seven foot and the spires on top were another 2 1/2 foot.  Berkeley police say the man "sustained significant injuries to his leg including puncture wounds to his left calf and left thigh, injury to his rib cage – puncture or tenderness, and a laceration above his right eye." They could see fatty tissue hanging from his flesh 

    They think he would seek medical help.

    Suspect description:

    • Black Male Adult
    • 19-22 years old with short hair
    • Spotted facial hair/stubble, 6’0” tall, 185-195 lbs
    • Athletic/slender build wearing a hooded shirt with the arms cut off & sides open and dark colored boxer shorts

    Until they find the man, they won't know what his motive for running or standing outside the woman's home is.

    If you can help them find him call (510) 981-5735.