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"Improved" Billboard Advertises Suicide by Cigarettes

Controversial billboard promoting freedom to end one's life edited



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    Billboard Liberation Front
    The Final Exit Network's advocacy of personal freedom has been "improved" to suggest it's from a tobacco company instead.

    A billboard in San Francisco advertising the Final Exit Network, a group that helps people suffering from intolerable illnesses end their life, was plenty controversial on its own.

    The billboard, located in view of drivers on the Central Freeway near Howard and South Van Ness, read "My Life My Death My Choice," and a link to the organization's website.

    But the Billboard Liberation Front, a group of pranksters that have been "improving" advertising in public space for over thirty years, felt that it needed some work.

    So the billboard now reads as a friendly message from Phillip Morris, the cigarette-vending subsidiary of Altria which brings you the mild, refreshing option to increase your chances of developing lung cancer in every pack of Marlboros.

    In an official statement from the BLF announcing the "marketing partnership" with Phillip Morris, it reads:

    The message of “My Life. My Death. My Choice.” informs and empowers the consumer to choose, as their god given right, how they want to die. Philip Morris brings this message to the consumer to remind them that some rights are inalienable in life as they are in death.

    The updated advertisement should warm the hypertensive hearts of local smokers.

    Jackson West can assure you that neither the Final Exit Network, Phillip Morris or Clear Channel had anything to do with this.