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Muni Drivers Rack up More Unexplained Absences



    It may be frustrating when you Muni driver moves at a glacial pace, stops the bus for five minutes to do a little shopping, and then abruptly gives up and turns the bus around halfway to your destination. But hey, at least he showed up to work for once.

    A new report shows an increase in unexplained absences at Muni, according to the Ex. Not too surprisingly, that was accompanied by a drop in on-time performance. As it turns out, when drivers don't show up for work, the buses run even less on time. Who could have guessed?

    Muni has been legally required for nearly a decade to maintain an on-time rate of 85 percent, but it has never done so -- not even once. This past quarter's rate is down to 71.1, its lowest in months.

    Meanwhile, drivers are absent without explanation 13% of the time. Muni officials have repeatedly pledged to do something about those problems. Clearly, they're doing a bang-up job.

    The report comes as Muni prepares to raise fares yet again. A Fast Pass will cost you two dollars more, starting in July. That is, if there's anyone there to take your money.

    And in the midst of this, Muni chief Nat Ford continues his job hunt with an on-again, off-again courtship with Washington DC. Although it seemed as though he was initially passed over for the east coast job, rumors persist that he's still in the running.