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Insult to Injury in Trip Home for Fishermen

A sunken boat, a broken truck and no ID makes for a rough trip back to the Bay Area.



    U.S. Coast Guard did a search in the Sea of Cortez, near where a charter fishing boat overturned with some Bay Area fishermen. Many of the survivors are on their way back home. (Published Thursday, July 7, 2011)

    The men who survived a boat capsizing off the Baja California coast are arriving home to the Bay Area in small groups to the happy arms of their loved ones Friday.    

    The end of a horrible journey added insult to injury for a man from San Jose.

    Lee Ikegami is one of the Bay Area fishermen who was able to get  to shore after the fishing boat they were on sank Sunday in the Sea of Cortez.

    Ikegami's wife, Murphy Ikegami, who lives in San Martin, said her  husband and his Bay Area fishing buddy Michael Ng were attempting to drive home the vehicle of their buddies who is still missing in the Sea of Cortez.  

    She said the truck broke down north of the Mexican border. Because they didn't have identification they could not fly home, so they had to catch a Greyhound bus for the final leg home.

    They are expected to arrive in San Jose Friday midday.

     "Lee is so happy to be coming home," she said.

    The U.S. Coast  Guard and Mexican navy are continuing to search for seven missing men.

    Bay City News contributed to this report.