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Insuring Children: Deadline Looms



    Children's Health Insurance Faces Key Deadline

    The Department of Managed Health Care has set up a special help line to take your questions about children and health insurance. The phone number is 888-466-2219 (Published Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011)

    Health care officials Tuesday urged parents of children with  pre-existing health conditions to enroll them in more affordable individual  private health insurance by a March 1 deadline.

    Speaking at a news conference at Children's Hospital in OaklandCalifornia Department of Managed Health Care Director Cindy Ehnes said that  as a result of federal health care reform and a California law signed in  2010, health plans are prohibited from denying coverage to children under the  age of 19 with pre-existing health conditions.

    But Ehnes said parents need to act by March 1, which is the end of  a two-month open enrollment period, to get the best rates for their children.

    She said that after March 1, health plans still won't be able to  deny coverage to kids with pre-existing conditions but will be allowed to  charge up to double what is charged to healthier kids.

    Until the federal health care reform bill was enacted last year,  it was legal for insurers to refuse to provide health coverage for children  with pre-existing conditions, such as asthma or diabetes, according to Ehnes.

    She said the chance to sign up for private health coverage is  especially important for parents who previously tried to obtain coverage for  their children but were denied because their child was sick, had a  pre-existing condition or whose plans excluded coverage for pre-existing  conditions.

    Ehnes said fewer people have signed up for private insurance than  she and other health experts had expected, and there was "a little panic"  because only two weeks remain in the open enrollment period.

    "We want to let people know they can get protection for their  children," she said.

      Ted Lempert, the president of Children Now, said two out of three  uninsured children are eligible for comprehensive low-cost coverage through  Healthy Families or Medi-Cal.

    Ehnes said consumers who need more information or need help if a  health plan denies coverage to a child can call the Department of Managed  Care's health center at (888) 466-2219.

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