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International Playboy to Set Out on Trans-Pacific Publicity Trip

Banking heir David de Rothschild says PlasTiki ready to set sail



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    David de Rothschild's latest eco-adventure was inspired by Thor Heyerdahl's "Voyage of the KonTiki," though de Rothschild admits his trip isn't particularly scientific.

    San Francisco Bay sailors may have spotted an odd craft out on the water in the past couple of weeks -- a catamaran with an odd-looking cabin and a black sail that reads "PlasTiki."

    The boat is the brainchild of David de Rothschild, heir to the great European banking fortune and noted playboy adventurer.

    It's made largely out of recycled materials, and while the hull was fabricated from new plastic, the material used is a recyclable one.

    Of course, it's also got all sorts of other nominally green gadgets, from solar panels to pedal-powered dynamos.

    The ship will undergo a three-day shakedown out past the Golden Gate, weather permitting, before starting its journey next month on the way to San Diego. From there the route plans include a tour of the infamous Eastern Garbage Patch of floating plastic trash and eventually to Australia after 100 days and 11,000 nautical miles.

    The trip is meant to increase awareness of plastic waste and other environmental issues. And like any modern publicity tour, there will be lots of tweets, blog posts and video.

    Jackson West isn't really sure why they needed the plastic bottles in what looks like an already-sealed hull, but still, it does look like a fun cruise.