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Irish Footballer Wakes From Coma



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    A Gaelic football player who was seriously injured in a match on Treasure Island five weeks ago, came out of his coma over the weekend.

    Mark McGovern, 22,  who was visiting San Francisco for the summer, was injured in an off-the-ball incident, and has remained in a coma since June 25th.

    His family delivered the good news over the weekend, via Facebook, that McGovern woke from the coma.

    "Mark has now regained consciousness and is fully aware of his surroundings and everyone around him. Mark is [sic] yet to talk but has been trying to lip words in order to communicate with us, Mark has attempted a few steps with assistance."

    "It's quite unbelievable, a little miraculous if you ask me," coach Joe Duffy told SF Weekly.

    At the time of the incident, an opposing player was overheard saying "You won't get up from that," but no one has been arrested. Officer Albi Esparza said, 27-year-old Patrick Power is being looked at as a person of interest.