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Islamic Center in San Martin Gets Green Light



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    The Santa Clara County Planning Commission approved plans to build an Islamic community center in San Martin.

    Supporters and those critical of the project packed Thursday's final meeting on the project. The Cordoba Center includes plans for two ranch-style building, a prayer hall, playground and cemetery. All of that will sit on 15 acres along Monterey Highway just north of California Avenue.

    Many who live in the area are concerned about the project leading to water contamination.

    "Its an issue of the water and you're trying to build on property that no one has been able to for 50 years because nobody else has been able to qualify on that land because the soil is so permeable that everything goes through it," Georgine Scott-Codiga said.

    The project's organizers say fears of water contamination are unfounded because they plan to have a green cemetery meaning they won't use any toxic chemicals

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