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"It Gets Better" Campaign Pulls 49ers Video

49ers' video deleted from anti-bullying, pro-LGBT campaign site.



    The San Francisco 49ers were the first NFL team to record a video for the anti-bullying, pro-LGBT "It Gets Better" project. And the Super Bowl-bound Niners are the first team to get their video pulled from the site.

    On the same week an ex-49er player was outed as homosexual and a current player said that "we don't got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do," several other players were reminded of the video they had filmed last August. They literally had to be reminded -- several professed ignorance of what the video was supposed to be about, and some forgot making it, according to SFist.

    "It gets worse," the local news site reported, making a play on the title of the original PSA.

    When Ahmad Brooks and Isaac Sopoaga were asked about their input on gay folks in the locker room, they were reminded by reporters that they'd already supported LGBT people.

    Or had they?

    "This is America and if someone wants to be gay, they can be gay. It's their right. But I didn't make any video," Brooks told USA Today.

    Activist and organizer Dan Savage used an epithet on Twitter to announce that the 49ers' offering to the campaign had been removed.

    Safety Chris Culliver uttered the "get up out of here" comment earlier in the week, after ex-tackle Kwame Harris was outed as gay when he was charged with assaulting an ex-boyfriend.

    Here's the original "It Gets Better" PSA: