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It Will Probably Rain Again



    It Will Probably Rain Again
    Some North Texans are being encouraged to seek higher ground after three days of rain.

    Like all enjoyable things, this weather won't last forever.

    Rain is likely to return to the Bay Area before long, meteorologists told the Gate. Despite a delightful few weeks, the warm weather is likely to evaporate, replaced with a string of cold, wet days.

    The charming weather comes after a particularly rainy December. That's good news for the state's water resources, with a mountain snowpack that's expected to bolster reserves and head off shortages later in the summer.

    Nevertheless, it's best not to spend what you don't yet have, so officials are urging that residents conserve water until the rain and snow starts back up again.

    It's not uncommon for December and January to feature periods of dryness of around 3 weeks. We're currently at two weeks.

    The average rainfall in San Francisco is about 22 inches. December's rain brought 7 inches, but January has so far produced only about 1.

    If you're planning a picnic, do it in the next week. Some observers are anticipating a soggy February.