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Jaycee Dugard Has Something to Say

New PSA encourages people to pay attention.



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    Jaycee Dugard released her first public service announcement on behalf the non-profit she co-founded to provide support for kidnapping victims and their families.

    In the short announcement by The JAYC Foundation, Dugard urges people to pay attention when they see something that doesn't seem right.

    "Just ask yourself to care.If you see something that looks wrong or amiss, speak out. You might be wrong but you might just save someone's life," she says in the video.

    When she was just 11 years old, Dugard was abducted in 1991 near her mother's Lake Tahoe home.

    Her kidnappers were Phillip and his Nancy Garrido.

    The Garridos brought her to their Antioch home, where Philip Garrido -- a registered sex offender on parole for prior sex crimes -- assaulted her repeatedly over the next 18 years, fathering her two daughters.

    In 2009, the Garridos were arrested after two UC Berkeley police officers who observed Phillip Garrido with Dugard's two young daughters on campus became suspicious and concerned for the girls' well-being.

    Phillip Garrido is now serving a 431-years-to-life term in state prison and Nancy Garrido is serving 36 years to life after the couple's sentencing in June.

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